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Slow Down Climate Change | The Tipping Point 

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Nutricare Plus Organic and Natural Skincare since 2001

No Tree Was Harmed Nature’s Choice for Bamboo Sustainable Packaging

Tattoo You Organics Tattoo & Piercing Care, Gauge Stretching Balms

Burnicare Organics Herbal Vegan Skincare with Certified Organic Non-GMO Ingredients

Here is the hook, line, and sinker: Big business and Politicians do not represent you; They care about profits and their slush funds.

Fossil fuels (oil& coal) and deforestation are the main catalysts causing the rise in temperature on Earth that need to be curtailed immediately… and because of their inaction the human race is doomed.”

“You can change the future only by implementing change in the present. The longer you wait to remove the causes of climate change the harder it becomes to implement change.

The Tipping Point is closer than anticipated. The clock’s ticking.” — Brian Michael Good