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Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By was published by Big Bang Publishing on August 1, 2015

Time is in short supply. Recharge your life with Inspirational Quotes.

“Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By” contains pearls of wisdom for daily living to encourage and guide you through the difficult and challenging days in your life. “Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By” presents over 300 quotes of wisdom thematically arranged. It provides the reader encouragement, comfort and peace by finding the right words of wisdom at the right time.

Gain pearls of wisdom by reading a collection of over 300 quotes that I have gleamed from my personal experience as I went to the school of hard knocks. What I have learned from my personal experience can give you new hope. You are not alone and you are not forgotten. Your life will improve. Peace and happiness is reserved for those who seek it. I believe that you too will find wisdom in these pearls that have washed ashore as a result of my hurricanes and count yourself a survivor.

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