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Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By Paperback published by Big Bang Publishing on November 13, 2015

Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By
Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By

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Buy the “Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By” paperback and download the eBook for the Amazon Matchbook price of only $0.99 – £0.64.

Time is in short supply. Recharge your life with over 365 quotes thematically arranged for daily living to encourage and guide you through difficult and challenging times. “Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By” like a 365 day devotional book provides the reader encouragement, comfort, and peace by finding the right words of wisdom at the right time. As you absorb each quote, you will learn that no one can defeat you; you can only defeat yourself. No one can truly save you. You must save yourself.

A childhood filled with tension, excessive discipline, and yelling – at home and at grammar school – contributed to my lower self-esteem and academic performance during my formative developmental years. Yelling and corporal punishment instilled fear in me. I carried such sentiments and emotional trauma with me into adulthood. I accepted the abuse that I allowed others to bestow on me. It took me a lifetime to discover that I was a Genius, Autistic, Empath, and Savant.

Learn how to rise from the ashes of defeat by gaining pearls of wisdom and renewed hope. Open yourself to what I have gleamed from my harsh personal experience. You are not alone or forgotten. Your life will improve. Peace and happiness are renewed for those who seek it. In picking up this book, you have shown that you want a fulfilling and happy life.

Reap the manna sown into this inspirational motivational book. Life’s most valuable pearls of wisdom that are nourishment for the body, mind, and soul are found in quotation books. A inspirational book of quotes can help change your perspective by allowing you to infuse new activities into your life. Take action, get this self-help book, you will be so happy you did!

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